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来年2018年1月25日より開催される台北ゲームショウ2018にて、『Back in 1995 Survival Update(Steam)』『Back in 1995 64 (3DS)』を出展します。


2018年の開催にあたり、「B2B ZONEビジネスゾーン」の「INDIE GAME FESTA」にて、昨年度よりさらにパワーアップした各国のインディーゲーム開発者による作品が集結します。

開催場所は台北世界貿易センター。1月25日、26日までは企業向けの「B2B ZONEビジネスゾーン」、26日から29日までの4日間は一般公開向けの「B2C ZONEプレイヤーゾーン」がそれぞれ開催されます。
『Back in 1995』は「B2B ZONEビジネスゾーン」と「B2C ZONEプレイヤーゾーン」の「INDE GAME FESTA」にて、いずれも出展を予定しています。




Taipei Game Show 2018
一條出展ブース名:「Indie House」「Indie Games Festa」
展示物:Back in 1995 Survival Update、Back in 1995 64 (3DS)


We will exhibit “Back in 1995 Survival Update(Steam)”,  “Back in 1995 64 (3DS)” at Taipei Game Show 2018 to be held from January 25, 2018, next year.

Taipei Game Show where there were a total of 430,000 visitors from all over the world at the time of the 2017 Festival last year. With the expansion of the market due to the growth of Taipei’s game population, it is a game show attracting attention from game developers all over the world.
Upon holding in 2018, at the “INDIE GAME FESTA” in the “B2B ZONE Business Zone”, each country’s indie game developers who have further increased from last year will be one of the highlights is.

The venue is Taipei World Trade Center. “B2B ZONE Business Zone” for companies until January 25th and 26th, “B2C ZONE Player Zone” for public release for 4 days from 26th to 29th will be held respectively.
“Back in 1995” will be exhibited at “INDE GAME FESTA” of “B2B ZONE Business Zone” and “B2C ZONE Player Zone”.

Taipei Game Show 2018
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center First Hall
Ichijo Exhibition Booth Name: “Indie House” “Indie Games Festa”
Booth number: TBD
Exhibits: Back in 1995 Survival Update, Back in 1995 64 (3DS)